About Us

Dodtools is an online brand that offers a personalized service of creating your own shoes. At the heart of our bespoke service is the relationship between the customer and our craftsman who passionately serve to fulfill each customer’s shoe desire become a reality.

Our website presents our quintessential base styles, multiple designs on each base style, library of materials in various colors. Our last, fittings, soles, linings, leather…every option presented is explored to define the unique pair of shoe.

Dodtools honours individuality as expressed by its motto “Claim your own fame”. Each shoe is intended to enhance — not define — one’s personal style. Wearing it allows to reveal the inner strength and confidence. Each detail is of essence, be it the strength of a seam, stitch line on the vamp, or the versatility of a leather. The house relentlessly pursues innovation in material and construction, ensuring that each item is both stylist and comfortable.

Dodtools philosophy is rooted in exclusivity, elegance and experience. With exceptional craftsmanship, finest materials and intricate detailing.